MCG’s engineering design and manufacturing services provide a complete product eco-circle of PCB design, schematic entry, Gerber, BOM generation and optimization, sample prototyping, pre-production verification, certification, testing, final production and support. Our engineering services cover the designs of digital and mixed-signal (such as DAC/ADC, high-speed, high-density and wireless), high-speed memory and network interfaces, video codecs, video imaging, custom FPGA designs and more.

MCG’s skilled engineering team is a professional group with combined over-50-year design experience and expertise. Once the basic engineering concept has been agreed, MCG Inc. will rapidly develop an 'optimized' system or board to meet your performance, size or environmental constraints. Our design engineers will help you to develop a specification that meets your requirements, while making every effort to ensure that your product conforms to appropriate industry standards.

Procurement services fully comply with environmental and OEM-specific requirements, and designs are implemented using surface mount technology, resulting in lower costs, compactness, increased reliability and lower power consumption.

Partnering with seasoned PCB fabrication and assembly companies, MCG is able to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions, from design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. MCG engineering team can help its clients finalize the product concepts, provide innovative solutions, and reduce the overall production costs through one-stop services. If your application requires low cost without any compromise of high quality, MCG Inc. has the skills and resources to specify, design, manufacture and test a custom solution for you.

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A full suite of engineering services for designing complex electronic systems

Analog, digital, and RF design capabilities

Custom RF circuitry for licensed bands

High speed digital circuit design

Complex multi-layer and multi-substrate PCB layout with controlled impedance

Application software and GUI design

Mechanical design and thermal analysis

Industrial design integration

Altium and OrCAD design tools for schematic entry, BOM generation, PCB layout, and mechanical visualization

Tooling and prototyping

Pre-Production design validation


Experience and expertise for simple to complex FPGA-based designs with Altera and Xilinx devices...

CPLD and complex FPGA designs

DSP algorithm development and digital signal processing in FPGAs

High definition image and video processing pipelines

High-speed memory interface designs

Custom communications and controls for low latency industrial automation

Multi-FPGA parallel processing

High-speed computing

System-on-chip designs

Implementing with hardware-based and IP-based cores

High speed LVDS interfaces, gigabit Ethernet, SPI, UART

DDR2, DDR3, and other high-speed external memory interfaces

PLLs for clock synchronization / regeneration

Multi-clock domain design experience

Test benches


A wide range of coding experience over ARM-based processors

Eclipse-based development environments for C, C++, and assembly

Experience and expertise with peripheral devices: I2C, SPI, USART, ADC, DAC, Mem Controllers, DMA, Timers, Video / LCD, USB, Ethernet, Power Mgmt, PWM, Motor Control

Network Protocol stacks, i.e. Modbus TCP/RTU, DHCP, HTTP, UDP, TCP/IP, SDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP

Wireless protocols, i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

FreeRTOS for basic royalty-free real-time OS requirements


Support services for taking your product through certification processes.

FCC and Industry emissions testing

Electrical safety

Hazardous environment certification


Quality assuring, cost-effective and low volume assembly capability ideal for small-medium size OEMs...

PCB fabrication and verification

BOM procurement

PCB and system assembly

Programming and testing

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